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The Millennia Treasure


Our story will be taking place around the secret treasure of Thieve’s Pride. That dwells deep within the bowels of the cities underbelly sewer system. The Port City is the largest city, and among the few that inhabit the Crooked Isle’s.


The people of this city are many and diverse, but they hold onto their heritage and culture like their own flesh and blood. Treasure Hunters who come in search for the Millennium treasure are looked down upon harshly. Endless pests and low-lives seeking to get rich fast with their bold behavior and mercenary attitudes.

Despite the name of their city, Thieve’s Pride is an upstanding power among the global community. Proving to be the greatest trade center in the world. The city is lead by a Bureaucratic council headed by the three merchant houses.

The Arkwrights, the Fitzroy, and the Desmarais.


The city is steeped in age, regal and venerable buildings are in constant need of repair, providing jobs for the voluminous population of failed treasure hunters. Strong hands are the base of the city, a husband to a slowly aging wife. She needs quite the hand to remain a austere beauty that she is famed for.

Despite the constant work put into it, the amount of filth collected from the ages has made it as much of the foundation of the city as its builders. The poor are sickly as they are many. Upstart businesses are quickly shut down by the elite of the city, and the three merchant houses.

Main Page

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